We have accommodated local non-profit organizations in the Chapel, generally, for the purpose of conducting a staff retreat.  There is no charge and your organization would have exclusive use during the period you reserve.  We have several tables and chairs in storage.  If this is something that you would like to consider, you can give us a ring at 701-371-8531.

In addition, the Chapel has served as the venue for several weddings and similar functions.   Some things to consider:

  • the Chapel does not have a kitchen, so you’ll need to be reasonably self-contained if you plan on serving food / beverages,
  • please remove your own garbage – we do not have our own service,
  • wireless Internet is available on-site,
  • the panels can be moved for more privacy,
  • feel free to use the restrooms.  The key is the same as the front door,
  • we do not have a janitor on staff, so we’d appreciate it if you would leave the Chapel as you found it,
  • feel free to bring your own equipment and props into the space, and
  • leave us a comment in the box!  We’d love to hear how it went.

Available equipment on site:

  • Three 8 foot folding tables,
  • 6 folding chairs,
  • a light duty easel to use for flipcharts, etc., and
  • electric extension cables with splitter.

If you questions, please give us a ring or an email.