Fargo artist Marjorie Schlossman purchased a mid-twentieth century building just off Broadway in downtown Fargo in 2001. She asked architect Bruce Hella to renovate it, instructing him to fill it with light from as many sources as possible. A plunging skylight on the roof, curved interior glass block walls, and wide storefront windows bring light in from all four directions.

In 2014 the Chapel experienced a facelift.  We painted the exterior of the Chapel a grey-white color, covering the previously distinctive pink color which had cracked in several places.  We also reconfigured the hardware for the interior panels in front of the window facing Roberts Street.  These can now be pushed open, like shutters, opening up the space to observation from the exterior.  We’ve received many positive comments on the new appearance of the Chapel, especially at nighttime when the interior is fully lit.

Future iterations of the Chapel will focus on a potential retirement of the traditional canvas on wood method of hanging canvas.